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Saturday, December 16, 2006

sabedkh in Panet

The one and only Abed Khateb (Technion friend) in a local news site.
Abed, a member of the management team of BizTech program in the Technion, has something to say, see the video.
Also, Abed is the best MOHA player I ever saw (aezalden u too).
Abed has several interviews in local and global journalism, here we caught him interviewed in Panet, and in this unique interview he also decided to talk.
Good luck friend.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006 new logo

A half an hour logo for,
as could also be seen in liub guestbook and search engine and mail.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Richest ppl in the mid east

Richest ppl in the mid east and maybe in the world are in Arabs, especially in Saudi Arabia.
This 45 min clip shows amazing facts on this ppl.
You may say "wow" on the "creativity" of this ppl, but in the other hand, you may say "what a pity" on how they spend this money while milions of Arabian children are hungry and don't have a place to live in!

Why are we here

A 23 min video on "why are we here", recommended.

YouTube Rocks

Even though Google video and YouTube are owned by Google, I liked YouTube more.

Also, I've added few new videos to my new YouTube channel

Hatim's Engagement

Yesterday my brother (Hatim Ayoub) got engaged.
I'll post few photos soon.


Friday, December 01, 2006

Finally, after tolerating from domaindlx service on my old site, I moved to the new one using Google apps free service.

Please have a look on my new simple site, and sign my guestbook.
All the service I am using are free, except the domain supplier.

Most of the service are powered by Google.
The good thing with free online service is that they are:
- For free
- Easy to use and maintain
And because I feel that I am too busy and don't have time for maintain a website and hosting it (I thought once to have my own web server) so online solutions are a very good alternative, especially those powered by Google.