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Saturday, December 16, 2006

sabedkh in Panet

The one and only Abed Khateb (Technion friend) in a local news site.
Abed, a member of the management team of BizTech program in the Technion, has something to say, see the video.
Also, Abed is the best MOHA player I ever saw (aezalden u too).
Abed has several interviews in local and global journalism, here we caught him interviewed in Panet, and in this unique interview he also decided to talk.
Good luck friend.

1 comment:

Mhmd Mjadleh & Malik zoaby said...

good luck!
and abed isn't the best moha player and he will never be such, he doesn't float my back ( LO MEGRARED LE ET HATA7AT) even!
anyway good luck ...and keep on rollin' .
BYE :)