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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Clever Advertising

Clever Advertising

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Waiters needed - after duty

I saw this sign in a Thai resturant in Yokneam, Israel.
Only in Israel, you can find employers ask for waiters only after duty!!
Only in this country you need to know how to use M16 in order to serve food.

If it's age limitation; employer could simply say: waiters needed; must be 21 years old.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

موقع لكلمات اغاني عربيه

טיפים לישיבה נכונה מול המחשב,7340,L-3304865,00.html

The lynx effect


Every geek knows that lynx is a popular text (non-graphical) WWW Browser. I used for browing in T2 during my studies in the Technion.

It's also a name of a wild cat

But neither one of these definition would give you a hint what's the "lynx effect" :)

Das Keyboard

"If you are going to get one; get two: one for you and one for your best friend."

לא להסתכל יותר משעה


מסיבת לינוקס טכניונית

אם זה לא מצחיק אותך אז זה בסדר

לא להיעלב

(חנונים זה מצחיק בטירוף)

ציטוטים קורעים לשיחות בין אנשי תמיכה לגולשי אינטרנט

הכי אהבתי
?תומך : ומה יש לך עכשיו על המסך
לקוח: דובי שהחבר שלי קנה לי בסופר

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Nice Language Compression Tips

afaik - as far as I know
aka - also known as
asap - as soon as possible
brb - be right back
btw - by the way
b4 - before
cu - cubic
cul - see u later
faq - frequently asked questions
fyi - for your information
ic - I see
idk - i don't know
ie - that is
lol - load of laughs
nrn - no reply necessary
obtw - oh by the way
omdb - over my dead body
otoh - on the other hand
w8 - wait/weight

For full list see the source here

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sad Smile

ثقلت علي ابتسامتي وما عدت على الخوض اكثر -- قطعت حدودي وما بعدها وكل خط احمر

Monday, August 06, 2007

How a vacation can make you more tired?

Deep in work, 24/7, and no time even to think outside the box, a friend propose to go to vacation, and in few hours a plan for a trip is ready to be executed.

No doubt that a vacation after months of continues work is refreshing; however, coming back to work is pretty disappointing.

I came to realize that work buys my freedom for the cheapest thing in the world – money.
This conclusion is heavy enough to make you come to work more tired, each line of code I write I re-ask myself, for what?

Need to re-consider this life style, as always, better late than never.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Monday, July 30, 2007


OpenMoko aka neo 1973 is a GNU / Linux based open software development platform. Developers have full access to OpenMoko source and they can tailor their implementations to underlying hardware platforms.
Is it an alternative for iPhone? let's watch the fight.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


An amazing project by Microsoft called Photosynth

Click on the link and play with it, it's a piece of art.
Here you can see the inventors of this technology at TED conference

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Day of Graduation

Link to my picasa web album here
Link to Computer Science faculty album here

Technion, Haifa, Israel - June 21 2007

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Linux Version Numbering

Version numbering
The version number of the Linux kernel currently consists of four numbers, following a recent change in the long-standing policy of a three-number versioning scheme. For illustration, let it be assumed that the version number is composed thus: A.B.C[.D] (e.g. 2.2.1, 2.4.13 or
The A number denotes the kernel version. It is changed least frequently, and only when major changes in the code and the concept of the kernel occur. It has been changed twice in the history of the kernel: In 1994 (version 1.0) and in 1996 (version 2.0). The B number denotes the major revision of the kernel. Prior to the Linux 2.6.x series, even numbers indicate a stable release, i.e. one that is deemed fit for production use, such as 1.2, 2.4 or 2.6. Odd numbers have historically been development releases, such as 1.1 or 2.5. They were for testing new features and drivers until they became sufficiently stable to be included in a stable release. Starting with the Linux 2.6.x series, there is no significance to even or odd numbers, with new feature development going on in the same kernel series. Linus Torvalds has stated that this will be the model for the foreseeable future. The C number indicates the minor revision of the kernel. In the old three-number versioning scheme, this was changed when security patches, bugfixes, new features or drivers were implemented in the kernel. With the new policy, however, it is only changed when new drivers or features are introduced; minor fixes are handled by the D number. A D number first occurred when a grave error, which required immediate fixing, was encountered in 2.6.8's NFS code. However, there were not enough other changes to legitimize the release of a new minor revision (which would have been 2.6.9). So, was released, with the only change being the fix of that error. With 2.6.11, this was adopted as the new official versioning policy. Bug-fixes and security patches are now managed by the fourth number, whereas bigger changes are only implemented in minor revision changes (the C number). Also, sometimes after the version there will be some more letters such as 'rc1' or 'mm2'. The 'rc' refers to release candidate and indicates a non-official release. Other letters are usually (but not always) the initials of a person. This indicates a development branch of the kernel by that person. e.g. ck stands for Con Kolivas, ac stands for Alan Cox, whereas mm stands for Andrew Morton.
The development model for Linux 2.6 was a significant change from the development model for Linux 2.5. Previously there was a stable branch (2.4) where only relatively minor and safe changes were merged, and an unstable branch (2.5), where bigger changes and cleanups were allowed. This meant that users would always have a well-tested 2.4 version with the latest security and bug fixes to use, though they would have to wait for the features which went into the 2.5 branch. The 2.5 branch was then eventually declared stable and renamed to 2.6. But instead of opening an unstable 2.7 branch, the kernel developers elected to continue putting major changes into the 2.6 "stable" branch. This had the desirable effect of not having to maintain an old stable branch, making new features quickly available, and getting more testing of the latest code.
However, the new 2.6 development model also meant that there was no stable branch for people just wanting security and bug fixes, and not needing the latest features. Fixes were only put into the latest version, so if a user wanted a version with all known bugs fixed they would also get all the latest features, which had not been well tested, and risked breaking things which had previously worked. A partial fix for this was the previously mentioned fourth version number digit (y in 2.6.x.y), which are series of point releases created by the stable team (Greg Kroah-Hartman, Chris Wright, maybe others). The stable team only released updates for the most recent kernel however, so this did not solve the problem of the missing stable kernel series. Linux distribution vendors, such as Red Hat and Debian, maintain the kernels which ship with their releases, so a solution for some people is to just follow a vendor kernel.
As a response to the lack of a stable kernel tree where people could coordinate the collection of bugfixes, in December of 2005 Adrian Bunk announced that he would keep releasing 2.6.16.y kernels when the stable team moved on to 2.6.17 [2]. He also plans to include driver updates, making the maintenance of the 2.6.16 series very similar to the old rules for maintenance of a stable series such as 2.4 [3].
As of June 14th, 2007, the latest stable kernel version is

Sunday, May 27, 2007

في بيتي عيد ونكبه

في بيتي عيد ونكبة

في بيتي عيد ونكبة
ودماء سوداء وعتمة
سالت دماؤنا شموع
تضيء لياليهم العنترية
وأضحت دموعنا
شهادات تقدير عفوية
كان لي بيت، وجدة تحيك
أحلامي فوق وسادتها . .
وأمي تجمع رائحة التراب
في حجرها . .
وبعد موتٍ وموت
فقدت جدتي كبكوبة الخيطان
وجلس أبي في حضن الأطفال
يحكي عن وطن ويرسم هوية
في يوم تشرق الشمس مرتين
يحضر القمر لشعبين . .
/ امرأة تحمل صرخة بين جوانح أطفالها
وترتل؛ بلادي هي بلادي . .
/ وامرأة خلف الجنود ترقص،
تلك البلاد ستصبح بلادي

في بيتي عيد ونكبة
ودماء سوداء وعتمة
المكان يلملم حلمه المقتول في غدي
والزمان ينتظر حكايات غربتي
كان لي بلاد تمشي فوق قامتي
كلما حنيت يديها . .
لي بلاد نمشي فوق قامتها
ونسرق دمعتها . .
كان لي حرية ترتدي معطفي
وتحمل بين شفتيها رائحتي . .
لي هوية تذوب في المساء،
وفتاة شقراء، تعلمني النوم والاسترخاء
وقفتُ ويداي مكبلة بفراغ الموت حولي
رحلتُ وما زالت تسألني ؟!!
ربما هذه مدينتي ربما وطني ربما بيتي
أعرفه ولا يعرفني . .

امسية لريم بنا تحت رعاية جمعية باب الدار

امسيه رائعه لريم بنا تحت رعايه مجموعة باب الدار في مجد الكروم - 26 ايار 2007

ريم بنا تغني في الامسيه

الشاعر منتصر منصور يلقي قصيدة في بيتي عيد ونكبه خلال الامسيه

انا وريم بنا

صورة الغلاف لالبوم ريم بنا الاخير بعنوان مواسم البنفسج
رابط لموقع ريم بنا الشخصي

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


رأيتها وشيئا قد مضى
أخذ عينايَ فخبأتها
رأيتها وبلحظة اكتملتُ
عجزاً عن لقائها،
ربما أصبحت حلماً
وشمعة حان موعد إطفائها
رسمتُ أمسي على كتفي
ومشيت . .
وحين غابت شمسي
كنت قد دخلتُ مساؤها
رأيتها وشيئاً قد مضى
لماذا تركتُها؟!
هكذا يكتمل عشقي لها
وأولد مع كل نظرة في سماؤها
رأيتها وحين رأيتها . .
أيقنت أني ما زلتُ أحبها . .
9 April 2007

Friday, March 30, 2007

كلب يعلن الاستقالة

رابط لموقع الصديق الشاعر منتصر منصور

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

This web search engine is awesome.
People can save their favorites and their keywords,
and when you search for something the results will be based on the database built by users' favorites.

It's different than Google, so you'll need to get used to search by a keyword and topics, instead of "dry" syntax which might appear on the site you're looking for.


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Hermon Ski 2007

Saib Mansor, Rami Jiossy and myself skiing in Hermon.
See the full album uploaded by Rami here

12 Feb 2007

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Mellanox Technologies IPO - MLNX

The IPO for Mellanox Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ: MLNX) is open for trading. The stock is trading at $19.72 after pricing 6,000,000 shares at $17 per share, which was above the expected $14-$16 range which was up from $12-$14.

Credit Suisse Securities (USA) LLC and J.P. Morgan Securities Inc. acted as joint book-running managers for the offering, with Thomas Weisel Partners LLC and Jefferies & Company, Inc. serving as co-managers.

Mellanox Technologies is a leading supplier of semiconductor-based, high-performance interconnect products that facilitate data transmission between servers and storage systems through communications infrastructure equipment. Our products are an integral part of a total solution focused on computing, storage and communication applications used in enterprise data centers, high-performance computing and embedded systems.

Links for posts in Hebrew:
- The Marker
- Ynet

Snapshot for first few minutes in Google Finance:

Saturday, February 03, 2007

During my conversation with Mhmd Gazi, here are some quotes I wanted to document:
  • لا تصغي لموسيقى التوقعات, فهناك الحان لم تسمعها بعد
  • عبر المعنى وان احتجزت الكلمات
  • دخولك محكمة َ الاخطاء هو خطأ اخر,في أوله ,وراحة في أخره
  • صنعت اليوم قصراً وانا الملك هناك

Friday, February 02, 2007

Pandora - LIUB station

I wanted to make sure you knew about Pandora, a free internet radio site powered by the Music Genome Project. It helps you discover and listen to great music.

And it's easy to use, too. Here's a link to the site:

And here's a link to my profile page. From here, you can listen to my stations and check out the new music I've found on Pandora:

Sunday, January 28, 2007

XGL rocks

XGL by Novell is an awsome graphical effets for Linux Operating systems.
I have tried this thing and it's imazing.
My flavor Linux OS is Suse 10.1 + KDE, but it seems that even after following this lab XGL still have problems with KDE, so I moved to GNOME and everythying flied as expected.

I most liked the cube effect.
I tried to have a video record of some XGL effects from my desktop computer but it seems that I need a TV out connection for best quality - which I don't have.
You may see some videos on XGL effects on YouTube, which looks exactly as you see them on the videos there.
My desktop machine is not a good example (I have 64 bit Intel Pentium D 2.8 GH x 2 machine), but people say that it works perfect on weak machines as well (even Pentium II with 64 MB).

Most recommended.

If you gonna test it, I recommend you test it on Suse 10.x + gnome.

Level 1 completed

Finally, B.Sc degree.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Blog's new URL

Using Blogspot new feature, my blog's URL changed to be

Friday, January 05, 2007


لا تاسفن على غدر الزمان لطالما
رقصت على جثث الاسود كلابا
لا تحسبن برقصها تعلو على اسيادها
تبقى الاسود اسودا وتبقى الكلاب كلابا

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year 2007

Hi all,
Again, another year has flied away.
No time like the present, hope that next (this) time would be better.