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Sunday, January 28, 2007

XGL rocks

XGL by Novell is an awsome graphical effets for Linux Operating systems.
I have tried this thing and it's imazing.
My flavor Linux OS is Suse 10.1 + KDE, but it seems that even after following this lab XGL still have problems with KDE, so I moved to GNOME and everythying flied as expected.

I most liked the cube effect.
I tried to have a video record of some XGL effects from my desktop computer but it seems that I need a TV out connection for best quality - which I don't have.
You may see some videos on XGL effects on YouTube, which looks exactly as you see them on the videos there.
My desktop machine is not a good example (I have 64 bit Intel Pentium D 2.8 GH x 2 machine), but people say that it works perfect on weak machines as well (even Pentium II with 64 MB).

Most recommended.

If you gonna test it, I recommend you test it on Suse 10.x + gnome.

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