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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Nice Language Compression Tips

afaik - as far as I know
aka - also known as
asap - as soon as possible
brb - be right back
btw - by the way
b4 - before
cu - cubic
cul - see u later
faq - frequently asked questions
fyi - for your information
ic - I see
idk - i don't know
ie - that is
lol - load of laughs
nrn - no reply necessary
obtw - oh by the way
omdb - over my dead body
otoh - on the other hand
w8 - wait/weight

For full list see the source here

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sad Smile

ثقلت علي ابتسامتي وما عدت على الخوض اكثر -- قطعت حدودي وما بعدها وكل خط احمر

Monday, August 06, 2007

How a vacation can make you more tired?

Deep in work, 24/7, and no time even to think outside the box, a friend propose to go to vacation, and in few hours a plan for a trip is ready to be executed.

No doubt that a vacation after months of continues work is refreshing; however, coming back to work is pretty disappointing.

I came to realize that work buys my freedom for the cheapest thing in the world – money.
This conclusion is heavy enough to make you come to work more tired, each line of code I write I re-ask myself, for what?

Need to re-consider this life style, as always, better late than never.