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Thursday, April 17, 2008

iPhone Ad-Hoc

For those who cannot connect their iPhone to wireless network (many reason: MAC filtering, security, no router..)
you may follow these simple steps:
1. Configure you wireless network connection to be an adhoc connection:
1.1 On Windows XP: double click on wireless connection icon
1.2 properties, wireless networks tab, add
1.3 SSID=iphone-proxy
1.4 set password, and select the "adhoc" option
1.5 go back to TCP/IP configuration and set IP=, netmask=
2. Configure your iPhone
2.1 settings, Wi-Fi, select iphone-proxy network and set these parameters
2.2 IP=, netmask=, manual proxy:
3. Share your internet connection on your host, for Windows XP PC:
3.1 double click on the network icon to be shared
3.2 advanced tab, and then enable sharing
3.3 if your administrator disabled this option(bastards!) the install your own proxy:
3.3.1 download and install burpsuite:
URL1: (if this link is filtered by your admin, try URL2)
3.3.2 extract the zip file and run the executable, a GUI windows will be opened
3.3.3 proxy, option, unselect "looback interface only", unselect "intercept if"
4. Enjoy!



Anonymous said...

iphone reports: unable to join network, but then it does. Keeps loosing the network after that. Have you seen such behavior? could you shed some light on possible causes? Thanks

Ali Ayoub said...

Check if there is any antivirus or firewall application running on your PC, disable them and try again.