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Thursday, June 19, 2008

youtube video freezes after 2 seconds in Firefox

I saw that many people hit this problem as I did, especially when trying to watch youtube video. There are a lot of suggested solutions in the web, I tried most of them, and here is the one which works:
It seems that there is a compatibility problem between Adobe Flash plugin and Firefox (verion 2.x and 3.0), downgrading your Flash plugin will solve the problem:
0. Shtdown FireFox and other programs that might be using Flash plugin
1. Uninstall your Adobe Flash plugin, for Windows users go to control panel, add/remove programs, and select Adobe Flash plugin, then uninstall it
2. Downgrade your plugin to version 9r45:
- Download it from Adobe website or from this direct link
3. Run Firefox and make sure that your 'new' flash plugin is ok, watch this talented violin player video for example :) if you could enjoy this 1 min 22 seconds video it means you got rid from 2 seconds Firefox freeze problem !!
4. I recommend disabling flash player update notification to avoid updating your player mistakly, click here and unslecet "notify me.." option

- You may try other solutions like killing Firefox, reinstalling the plugin, or changing Firefox version or settings, or even restarting your computer - all these solutions are temporary for a while, and the freeze problem will occur again within few hours.
- Remember to update you flash player once a new version which solves the problem is released (search the web)
- Use Firefox, be cool!

That's it.

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