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Thursday, December 04, 2008

iPhone MAC Spoofing

I have suggested a way to spoof your MAC address on iPhone.
Here is a simpler way that makes use of BossPrefs for MAC spoofing.
1. If BossPrefs is not installed, install it via Cydia.
2. Lunch BossPrefs, click config, click add
3. Enter the following info:
Name: Mac Spoof
Start: ifconfig en0 ether FAKE_MAC (For example: ifconfig en0 ether 00:14:dd:11:02:79)
Stop: ifconfig en0 ether ORIG_MAC
Process: leave empty
Icon: leave empty
4. Click save

We're done :)
Each time you want to spoof your MAC, do it easily via BossPrefs.

- MAC address for example: 00:14:dd:11:02:79
- ORIG_MAC = Your original mac address; from iPhone: go to settings, General, WiFi Address
- FAKE_MAC = Your fake mac address; from Windows: start, type cmd, type ipconfig -all, and examine the output for your wireless network connection MAC address
- This was tested on FW 2.2, it should work on all versions where BossPrefs is installed
- Sometimes, after you turn it "on", and then want to it turn "off", you'll find that it's already in "off" state, In this case turn it "on" then "off" again. Thanks for Anonymous for pointing this out :)



Anonymous said...

Many Thanks, This is exactly what i was looking for!!

Anonymous said...

I turn it on, but when I exit BossPrefs, it is automatically turned off again.
Any thoughts?

Ali Ayoub said...

Right, this happens because there is no way to identify if the MAC address currently set is fake or not.
I suggest that if you want turn it off (i.e., use your original MAC) open BossPrefs, if it was "on", move it to "off". But if it was already "off", move it to "on" then to "off" again.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the quick & detailed response man!
It works perfectly indeed.

Anonymous said...

How about using Backgrounder? When you make BossPrefs run in the background, might it still work?

Anonymous said...


Toliptej said...

Ali, do you have an update on how to do this in iPhone 3GS? I followed your other blog but it won't work in my iPhone 3GS.

Ali Ayoub said...

Toliptej, sorry I don't have iPhone 3Gs to debug the problem.

Casino? Games said...

Your idea is very good

Galib said...

I have installed BossPrefs but It crushes after 1 sec every time I open.
any solution.
Its iphone 4 (4.3.1)

Anonymous said...

Hello, BossPrefs is not working with ios newer than 4.0 Do you have another app?