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Friday, March 20, 2009

KDE konsole tips

I found KDE konsole to be most convenient for Linux programming and scripting.
Here are few tips that may make your life easier:

1. Change colors to something more friendly to you (and your eyes), I personally prefer dark font on light background (many others prefer black background), go to "settings", select "schema", select "black on light yellow". to make this change permanent; go to "settings", select "save as default"

2. Change tab name automatically; when you have many tabs, this change is handy: go to "settings", select "configure konsole", select "set tab title to match windows title"

3. Run command on all sessions: when you're running on multiple tabs on multiple machines, and you want to run same command on all of them, use this feature: open a tab for each machine, then go to one of them and right click then select "Send input to all sessions", after that everything you type will be replicated on all other sessions (machines).. nice one.

4. If you're waiting for an activity on specific session and you're tiered watching/checking each tab frequently, you can easily right click on the tab and select "monitor for activity", then when a new output appears on that session you will see a "pop up' windows reporting that, even if you are in different application.

5. Shortcuts! of course you must know these shortcuts as a Linux user :)
- New tab: ctrl + alt + n
- Rename tab: ctr + alt + s
- Close tab: ctrl + d (depends on your shell)
- Browse tabs: shift + right/left arrow
- Move tab: ctrl + shift + right/left arrow



Hao Yu said...

I do like your tips very much and utilize it in my daily work.

One question regarding item 4 "monitor for activity" is:

(1) Do we have a method to know whether certain session is been monitored or not? (2) How to cancel it after set monitor for activity?

I used to monitor a session when wait a long time for build result, but found it rather anoying (randomly pop up the alert) when I no longer need it.

Ali Ayoub said...

Hello Hao Yu,
1. There is not direct way, however you can send 'enter' to all sessions (using tip #3) and you will see a pop-up that says what session is being monitored.
2. To cancel: right click on the tab ans select "stop monitoring for activity"