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Saturday, July 25, 2009

How to beat "How fast can you type A to Z?"

I wrote this simple script to solve "How fast can you type A to Z?" app in facebook. To get 0.00 seconds score (see image) run this small application and follow the instructions.
- Source code is downloadable from here (edit with any editor like vim/notepad, run with AutoIt)
- Enjoy and share

Source code:
; AutoIt Version: 1.0
; Language: English
; Platform: Win9x/NT

; Author: Ali Ayoub
; Script Function:
; solves a-z game i
n FB within 0.00 seconds :P
; tested on FF 3.5.1 and IE 0.8

$answer = MsgBox(4, "How Fast Can You Type A-Z? on Facebook - by Ali Ayoub", _
"1. Open the web page 'How Fast Can You Type A-Z?'" & @CR & _
"2. Press 'Yes' on this window" & @CR & _
"3. Press 'I am ready
' on the app window" & @CR & @CR & _
If $answer = 7 Then
MsgBox(0, "How Fast Can You Type A-Z? on Facebook", "Looser! Bye.")

WinWaitActive("How Fast Can You Type A-Z? on Facebook")

Opt("SendKeyDelay", 0)
Opt("SendKeyDownDelay", 0.5)
MsgBox(0, "How Fast Can
You Type A-Z? on Facebook - done", "Damn, this was so fast!")


Louis said...

i download already...but don't know how to use...

Ali Ayoub said...

Louis, run a2z_cracker.exe application and follow the instructions as displayed by the application.

Anonymous said...

does not work anymore

Anonymous said...

never mind,there seemed to be a delay in the execution of the script

Anonymous said...

fuck you cam

Cameron Wang said...

fuck off karim. lol. it still works.