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Monday, April 16, 2012

[MAC OS] Synergy for PC/MAC

Synergy is a cool app that lets you share your mouse and keyboard between multiple computers. If you use Macbook Air (2011), you probably know that the embedded graphical controller doesn't support dual monitor.. this is where Synergy become handy.

I've install Synergy today on my DELL 6410 laptop as a server, and on my Macbook Air 2011 as client. The idea behind the application is great, however it still have some bugs especially in the interoperability part between PC and MAC.

The first problem I've encountered is that the shift key doesn't pass from PC server to MAC client, thanks to this post, I installed the following versions and was able to have successful integration:
Win 7 - x86 version 1.4.8
MAC 10.7.x -  x86_64 version 1.4.7

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