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Saturday, June 23, 2012

[MAC OS] Automatic subtitle with VLC

Subdownloader is a nice application to automatically download the subtitle of a movie.
It parses your files and connects and uses OpenSubtitles to get the list of available subtitles for a particular movie, it can be configured to fetch your favorite language(s).

With VLC player, this would be a perfect combination.
To enable "play" button on Subdownloader to automatically launch VLC player, go to Preferences -> Others -> and then fill the fields as in the snapshot below.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

How to save websites passwords

There are too many web accounts to remember, and their username/password plicy may vary, I bet you recall all of them. On the other hand, it's hard to trust the tools out there that promise to collect all your passwords and back them up.

Since I use my Gmail daily, and it has valuable information, it also has 2-step verification process for extra security, so I will take the chances and use Gmail to store my web account passwords. this way I need only to remember my Gmail account password (this is no big deal) and then you can use Gmail search engine to easily find the website username/password you're looking for.

  • Normally websites send you a verification Email with your username to your Gmail account, I forward this Email to myself with the password, and move it to "passwords" label.

  • If I change my password, I look for the Email in my Gmail account that holds my previous password, and reply (to myself) with the newer password
  • Many times, Google Chrome saves my password, with time it holds a lot of passwords that most likely I forgot.. so once in a while, I export all Chrome passwords and send it as a text file to my Gmail account (use text file to allow Gmail search to find them for you). This tool (ChromePass) is pretty simple and does the job.
  • Some sites don't allow you to save the password (when you log in, you won't see the "save password" button (in chrome). When you hit such a website, and you still want it to save the password:
    • Right Click on the username field, and select "inspect element"
    • Find the token autocomplete="off" and change it to "on", hit enter
    • go back to the username/password fields, and you'll see the "save password" button right after you fill your information