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Sunday, June 02, 2013

[MAC OS] Enable/Disable SPOTLIGHT

OS X version: 10.8.x
Issue: SPOTLIGHT consumes too much resource
Fix: Disable MAC OS indexing
  1. Download the script
    If the browser shows the script as a text file, right-click on the script content, then "save as".On Safari: "save page as", then select "Format: Page Source" and keep the file name as is.
  2. Open mac os terminal: Applications/Terminal
  3. In the Terminal window, go to the folder that contains the script e.g. "cd ~/Downloads"
  4. Run: "sudo sh off" (type root password if needed)
    If you wish to re-enable spotlight indexing, run same command above with "on" flag
  5. Note: after reboot, the configuration is remembered

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