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Sunday, July 07, 2013

[MAC OS] Google Drive "Retrying X files"

OS X version: 10.8.x
Issue: Google drive Version 1.10.4769.0632 keeps retrying to syncup files and fails. Right click on the Google drive icon shows "Retrying X files" (e.g. Retrying 2 files), it doesn't show up the reason of the failure, or what files fail to sync.

Fix: First, locate the log file on your mac OS:
/Users/ali/Library/Application Support/Google/Drive/sync_log.log

Look for the lines that include the string "Retry Timestamps", you'll find the filename in the same line after the string "CloudEntry(file:XXX,YYY)"

Quite Google Drive, rename the file(s) on your local machine, go to your google drive online and delete the file online (if exists), then launch Google drive again.

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